Why Nuclear Crypto-Buddha?

Hello dear reader, my name is Daniel, and with this first post I am entering the blogosphere. I am a software engineer based in Zurich, Switzerland. I’m a general science and technology nerd, and in this blog, I am going to talk about and discuss the topics which come up on my way to enlightenment.

My first endeavor was to pick a name, and I came up with this, the Nuclear Crypto-Buddha. The name incorporates three things which concern me quite a bit, but the list is not exhaustive. I’m going to give a quick overview on each of the topics below.

Why Nuclear?

When I was seven years old, the Chernobyl Disaster happened, and the world once again became aware of the dangers of the nuclear age. Being a child, I was not able to understand the problem back then, but I was frightened. I wanted to know everything about it, which turns out to be a good way to handle fear.

So I went and started reading about how nuclear power plants and nuclear bombs work; I read about all the science and all the disasters, the well known and the lesser known ones, some of which I am planning to cover in the blog some day. In 2009, I finally visited Chernobyl myself, which was quite an experience.

Now I can say that I feel safe again, but I have lots of largely useless knowledge about everything nuclear.

Why Crypto?

While cryptology played an important role in many ways along my way of becoming and working as a professional software engineer, my main concern of this topic is based on a relatively new phenomenon, namely cryptocurrencies and the concept of blockchains.

While I heard of the infamous Bitcoin early on and even owned some back when they were of little worth, I only later really grasped the concept and the significance of blockchains. Meanwhile, I have invested some money and also I am running an Ethereum node. The picture on the left shows my original Mt.Gox YubiKey.

I am pretty sure that blockchains will play an important role in the future of information technology, and therefore, some of my hopes rely on crypto.

Why Buddha?

Right after my midlife-crisis it struck me, that in the end, every one of us is striving for happiness. Some may not know it, and many confuse it with wealth, but that is what we all want: we want to be happy.

As it turns out, this is neither an original insight, nor is it an easy to pursue goal to become truly happy. It requires work.

Fortunately, there was one guy who had it all figured out a long time ago. His name was Śhakyamuni Buddha. While this guy is often referred to as”the Buddha”, the original teacher and founder of Buddhism, “Buddha” itself actually is a title for someone who is enlightened, it simply means “the awakened” or “the enlightened”.

There is also the term “Crypto-Buddhist“, which refers to someone who secretly is Buddhist. I’m not going to further comment on this 🙂

The guy in the picture on the right is me, on the second day of a stay in at Wat Tan Dong, a secluded Theravada Buddhist temple in the forest far south west of Chiang Mai, Thailand. I had to use that chair because sitting and sleeping on the floor hurt my bones. By the way, that was before I lost more than ten kilos.


So it has been quite a ride so far, and I want to share my experience and knowledge with you. The journey has just only begun. Hang on tight!