Mt.Gox Claim Filing System Online

Today I got mail from Mt.Gox again… their new claim filing system is up and running! So I scrambled to file my claim.

The log in process is a bit complicated, they required me to provide email address, user name and passwords for both the actual Mt.Gox Exchange as well as the old claims system, which I fortunately still had all in my password database. Along the way, they mixed up exchange and claims system at least once, which didn’t make it easier.

Anyway, after a new password is set for the new claims system, you have to set up two factor authentication with an authenticator app, log in again for a last time, and then you get this:

When you click that blue button, you get a listing of all assets that you had on the exchange. In addition to any fiat currency, it listed the BTC and BCH in my account! Now you have to provide some data, they also ask for your old address in case it changed since Mt.Gox got shut down.

So I filed my claim and got this confirmation page along with an email. I guess now I’ll have to wait for a couple years again 😀


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