How to get a Residence Certificate at Chiang Mai Immigration (Airport)

Residence Certificate

Just recently, the Chiang Mai Immigration office moved back from Promenada Mall to the building near the CNX airport. At the old location, you could get your residence certificate on the second floor of Promenada Mall, and there was also an expedited service counter which would get you the certificate the next (or even same?) day.

As I wasn’t able to find any information on where to get this stuff at the new office, I went there and found out.. and I will share it here.

So, if you walk up to the information desk in the new immigration office, straight from the entrance, and ask where to get a residence certificate, they will tell you: turn right, walk straight out of the side entrance, across the pavement to the small building. It looks closed from the outside but there is a glass door and behind that a small room where you can fill in your application.

You can fill in your application form there. In addition to the form, you need:

  1. Copy of your passport, including
    1. The picture / data pages
    2. Entry stamp
    3. TM.6 departure card
    4. Current visa
  2. Two 4x6cm photos of you
  3. Your TM.30* receipt which must be up to date
  4. Proof of address such as your lease agreement

*Note that you need to update your TM.30 every time you (re-)enter Thailand. Your landlord is responsible to register you within 48 hours of entry.

Now the girl in the small office will check your documents and staple them together, then she will tell you “pick up your certificate in four weeks”. If, however, you need your certificate, say, the next day, you take the documents, say “thank you” and go outside.

Across the pavement, next to the side door of the main building, are some suspicious looking guys who will see you approaching them with your documents and welcome you with a friendly greeting. They will then check your documents again and send you to their agency office across the street (it is in the fancy large white building on the other side of the busy Mahidon Road leading up to the airport). Avoid cars.

This is a visa agency which will handle everything for you – for instance updating an outdated TM.30 (300 Baht), and they will also get you a residence certificate the next day for 1000 Baht.

Hope that helps.