What Was My Mt.Gox Balance Again?

As you might remember, Mt.Gox, one of the first Bitcoin trading platforms, was hacked in February 2014 (or before that), and subsequently closed down, with the users’ funds lost. A long process started where users could apply to reclaim their funds, but nothing came of it so far. Now on June 22, Mt.Gox sent out another email to its former users, and actually I’m not entirely sure what it says, but it seems like a new system will be set up for filing claims.

But I was wondering, because I forgot – how much BTC did I have on Mt.Gox anyway? How can I find out my former Mt.Gox balance?

So, it turns out there was a leak of Mt.Gox data in 2014, and you can download the whole thing from archive.org here. The zip file contains a dump of all account balances and a BTC transfer log with all transactions since 2011. The transfer log and account balance dump do not contain user’s names or email addresses – they only contain user and transaction IDs.

Bitcoin transfer log from Mt.Gox leak

I found a transaction reference in one of my old emails from Mt.Gox. With this transaction reference, I was able to look up my wallet ID and so I found my balance in the other file.

Account balances from Mt.Gox leak

The balances in the dump are shown in Satoshis, i.e. you have to multiply by 0.00000001 in order to get the amount in BTC. Note that the topmost entry in the dump had a balance of 44547.67562508 BTC, which is worth about 285 million Euro or 331 million US Dollars at the time of writing.

I’m not going to reveal my own balance here, I’ll just say that, while it is not a negligible amount at today’s prices, other people were much more unlucky than me 🙂

Update: there is this post on reddit which sums up what’s going on with Mt.Gox claims refiling right now.

Update 2: the new claims system is online, read about it in my new post: Mt.Gox Claim Filing System Online